Wednesday, December 28, 2011

lego clock designs

summer before last, when i was struggling with hip issues, unemployed, and desperate, a couple of friends of mine got married. i very much wanted to get them something nice, but had zero dollars to spend. now, quite a few years back, i had made myself a clock made out of legos, just for fun, and it was hanging in the living room; i had received many compliments on it over the years. it suddenly occurred to me that i could make them a lego clock as well. i already had the legos and the clockwork i would need, so it wouldn't cost anything out of pocket, which was a plus; it was something they would find useful, always a plus, and it would be uniquely custom-made, yet another plus. so i made 'em a clock; it was similar to this one.

 i left the wedding before they opened gifts, but apparently, my clock was the hit gift of the night; two other people requested clocks of their own. long story short, i ended up selling a half-dozen clocks that summer, and gave away at least that many; parent's anniversary, sister's and friend's birthdays, my niece's wedding, even the red cross.  i experimented with  a few different shapes, patterns, and designs, as you can see.

but once i used up most of my lego inventory, i realized that selling them wasn't very lucrative, even at $50 each. each clock used around $40 worth of legos, clockwork, and other materials, and considering each one took 2-3 hours, that wasn't much of a return on my time. then i had my surgery, and everything else fell together, and the legos got put back in the closet.

 then last summer, i started goofing around with my legos again just for fun, and i came up with what i consider a pretty unique design for a clock, lego-wise; you can see what i mean below.

the legos are stacked in a stair-step pattern, rather than vertically or horizontally. remember the old video game q-bert? see the resemblance?

i showed a couple of friends of mine what i had come up with, and immediately got another clock request/order, which was cool. my clocks don't make me much money, but i enjoy making them for people i like. anyway, i'm pleased with the look of the new design, and intend to explore it more; i have more bricks on order. there are so many possibilities with patterns and such, and the hexagonal overall structure lends itself well to a clock face. of course, it would be worth my time if i could charge $80-$100 per clock, but who would pay it? ah well, the story of my life; so few are willing to pay me what i think i am worth . . . lol

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