Friday, December 30, 2011

don't call me cougar

school has been keeping me pretty busy, so i haven't been creating much, but the itch has been growing. i decided that over christmas break, i'd either start a new lego project, or write down my latest script idea. well, legos won out when i decided to put together a lego version of the wsu cougar logo and donate it to the school.

this was gonna be an easy one. i did a pencil sketch on some butcher paper, then taped it to a sheet of pressed board. then i attached a rail at the bottom of the image and started stacking, building it from the bottom up. it didn't take nearly as long as i thought it would; in fact, i had it finished the day after christmas. it is approximately 34"x34".

the picture below isn't quite as sharp, but you can see the text in the corners better; it is indented, rather than a different color, as i didn't want to clutter the image. the red bricks are raised from the surface of the white background, adding depth and texture.

it says, "tri-cities" in the upper left corner, since i wanted it to go specifically to the richland campus, and there is a "2011" in the lower right corner, as that was the year i made it. however, i've had a couple of people tell me i should change it to 2012, since that is the year i will be donating it. i've been thinking about it, but i think i'm going to stick with the original year, since a) if i donated a picasso to the school, no one would expect it to be updated, and b) it would be a pain in my ass to change it. and i am usually ruled by my own convenience.

now i just need to get it framed and contact the university. i couldn't find anything at all about donations on the wsu website, but i've been told i should be able to find something through the alumni association. i am excited at the prospect of donating my work to my university. i've never been a team player, and am not really interested in going for any of the extra-curriculars or being involved in school government; leave that to the kids. i want to show my school support, but in my own way. i figure any of the hard science departments would love having a lego cougar, or if the university wanted, they could auction it off.

doing this project was an impulse, and probably not a very bright one. the legos and materials cost around $300, and considering i am unemployed, i would have been better served saving that money. but what can i say, once i get an idea in my head, it can be hard to shake it. i like giving things. it makes me feel good.

i also take a great deal of tactile pleasure out of manipulating my legos. once the project was finished, i decided to finally start keeping an inventory of my legos on the computer; organizing my bricks and creating the excel sheet to track my usage was extremely satisfying to my inner autistic.

it would be easy-peasy for me to duplicate this particular piece, if any alums or coug fans wanted one.

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